Automation envelopes in Arrangement view

In Session view, if I have automation recorded in a clip that changes some non-mixer parameter (i.e. a knob on an effect, etc), I can click on the clip and at the bottom if you click the "E" button, you can select whatever envelope you want and edit it.  In arrangement view, if there is automation recorded and I click on the clip in question, the automation does not seem to be associated with it anymore.  The only way you can edit the envelope is to click in the lane in the main arrangement window.  Why doesn't it allow you to edit this in the bottom editor as it does in Session view?  Am I missing something here? 

Also, how do you get finer control over the envelope values?  Or is there a way to actually type in the value for each envelope point?  It seems like you can do this for things like volume and panning, but not for "other" parameters. 


msintros 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • cutwithflourish
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    You can't record automation in clips in Session View, but clips can have envelopes for modulation, which is not exactly the same as automation (it's relative rather than absolute). In Arrange View the automation information is associated with the track rather than a clip, this is why it's edited in the automation lane for the track, rather than the clip view.


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  • The Phat Conductor
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    This was driving me INSANE

    right click - show modulation

    5 years ago | 1 comment

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