Auto record clips/follow actions for scenes

I have read a considerable amount of help pages, randytheking, was asking the same question, the solution was never posted.

I do not want to work in arrangement view. I want to work in the following manner. If anyone has specific tips that are clear and concise I would love to hear them.

Maybe this is a wish list

I want to be able to have each scene launch to the next scene without creating loads of dummy clips or midi events.

I want to interpolate tempo from scene to scene. Yes I know how to set tempo and yes I know about the arrangement view. I do not want to use arrangement view.


I want to be able to trigger recoding events without using a hardware device.

If I use follow actions to record it skips to the next clip and not the clip I have selected for recording, no matter how I do it.


I do not want to use max for live or sibelius, digital performer has a notation embedded in the interface and I want to use notation without purchasing anything else. Notation is quite normal work flow for working with other musicians who are classically trained and they do not read midi files.


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    I like the idea of Notation as a classical and open minded musician and producer, too.

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