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Hi guys, here's my second ever post and you might be thinking I should just

email Focusrite and ask them but i already have.

If i plug anything into my Scarlett 8i6 and 'arm' the track in Ableton, I get a strangeecho/feedback noise if I have ASIO4ALL selected for the desktop speakers.  I was told that this happens because i'm trying to get the Scarlett to use ASIO, but Focusrite doesn't have anything to do with ASIO and I should just use proper monitors.

BUT (and i swear this is true) I used to be able to do this! I don't know why I can't get it to work like this anymore...


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    So usually screechy feedback loop thingys happen because a microphone (either in your computer or in the room) is picking up noises from around it, and when an audio track is armed it immediately sends the audio from the incoming port to the output port and through any processing that happens in the track.

    If you want to get rid of that you usually just have to make sure your routing is properly set up.

    ASIO is usually used for interfacing with hardware that does not use drivers, but I think because the interface you have does have drivers, you should download them, install them and use them in Live's preferences.

    Message back with any developments / info.

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  • dubcore
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    ah yeah, I can and do use the driver for the Focusrite interface.

    I was just trying to explain that i used to be able to plug something into the interface and then have to sound come out the desktop speakers.  And i can't seem to figure this out anymore BUT apparently this should never have been possible...?

    The screechy feedback wasn't anything to do with the mic's being too close either, cos i checked that out.  Like i said, when i'm just using the Focusrite interface, everything is fine BUT when i change the pref to 'asio4all' to goto the desktop speakers (logitech), i get the noise once the track is armed.  But i guess that's just because it's not possible to record whilst 'monitoring' with the desktop speakers as they're not directly connected to the Focusrite.(?)  OR is this possible seeming they're all connected to the computer, and i just have the routing stuffed up?!?!!?!  I'm very confused here....

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