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Hello all, I am using a MACbook Pro, hefty box, and I recently installed KOMPLETE 8. During the installation I noticed that Ableton uses both AU and VST. I installed bot, but was wondering which is better or is there a difference at all with Ableton?


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  • geraldcole
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    It's a myth that VST is universal. VST is a proprietary format invented and owned by Steinberg for use with Cubase. However, it was easily reverse engineered and became commonplace. It is NOT a standard and it is NOT an open platform, let alone open source. There are large parts of the VST spec that are undocumented or only known to Steinberg. 3rd-party developers have built their own custom extensions to that. Most famously Native Instruments has built a plugin empire on top of wild deviations from the VST spec.


    You'll notice that Ableton software can control some parameters on some plugins but is blind to them on others. This can lead to glitches, compatibility issues, etc. This is where AudioUnits plugins come in. AU plugs are designed by Apple Computer, Inc. to be an open standard (for Macs only, of course). Apple's Logic Pro, for example, is AU-only. Propellerheads (makers of Reason) have gone a step further and partnered with the major plugin makers to make proprietary Reason-only plugins that act like native Reason devices. These will likely never be ported the way VSTs were hacked and AU was meant for.

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  • mylkoa
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    I use Massive with Ableton, and like you, it installed as both a VST and AU. I noticed one teeny-tiny little difference:

    The VST version shows a pull down menu with the names of the patches in the "Program List" (what Massive calls a bank of patches). While the AU version does not. 

    There may be more differences, but I haven't found them yet. Cheers!

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Don't think it makes a difference. VST is a universal system that was invented by Steinberg. It has been used for PC systems since many years. AU is Audio Unit, and is used by Mac computers.
    Since Live runs on both Mac and PC, it can also use both types. So both should work exactly the same.

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