Assigning "deactivate note" to midi controller

I'd like to assign "deactivate note? (keyboard shortcut 0) to my MPD232 as a way to mute specific pads, similar to how a "mute" button works on devices like an MPC or my Electribe ESX.


I currently have it set up so that the button simply kills the velocity of the note, which ALMOST works... except the note still technically plays, so it can still cut off other notes in the same choke group: even at 0 velocity, and that's a problem, because I'd like the unmuted notes to play as if the other note weren't playing at all.

This is most noticeable with my hihats, where open hats still get cut off as if the closed hat were playing instead of playing all the way through the sample.

The other caveat is that the way the 0 currently funtions won't work for either... because I want to be able to activate/deactivate multiple parts at once during live performances, so I'd want to be able to assign the deactivating/activating of different midi notes to different buttons: So a button for activate/deactivate my kick drum, a button for activating/deactivating my hihats etc.


I'm a little shocked at how difficult it has been to figure this out, as this is a pretty basic function of most hardware that I've played with.

Thanks for the help!


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