Any way to resize/make full window for device view? I want the looper LARGE for drummer

I am playing with a drummer and we are using looper in a lot of stuff we do. The way looper displays the count of the loop is great live but is it possible for me to allocate the view larger (in a second display) for the drummer to keep time to better? I see I can move it to a second display using "view/second window" and then "swap clip/device view" places the looper on the second display, but the goal is to actually have this much larger for easy view live and this fix really is about the same as it being on the original display mirrored. Any ideas? Thank you.


jackblasto 11 months ago | 0 comments

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  • hilker
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    The "Look Feel" section of Live's Preferences has a Zoom Display setting that goes up to 200%. Additionally, check your OS for additional zoom options. In MacOS, zoom is under System Preferences/Accessibility, and I assume Windows must have something similar.

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