Analyze Signal Path and Frequency Quality


I'm guitarist and I got an hard to hear frequency loss (like clarity or something) in my signal while using my effect pedalboard. 

I would like to record some samples of different effects and chains in ableton.

My idea: a nice Sine Sweep from 0Hz to 20kHz as Input and record an Output sample each time. 

Then I need to analyze and compare these samples with some frequency analyze tools, but I don't know, if Ableton Live got the possiblities to do that properly (best thing would be a Frequency Plot in the end, like in Hi-Fi magazines or Speaker Frequency Profiles)

Any suggestions? Anything?? :) 


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    There are no tools built into Live that would do precise frequency response measurements, log and display them. However, if you exported the audio file and analyzed it in a third-party tool, you would be bringing at least two more steps that could jeopardize the experiment (the export process in Live and the import process in a third-party application).

    If you are sure about the loss of information when recording, first and foremost check your hardware and audio settings. Working at high sample rates can make a difference. There is nothing built into Live that would compromise recording, so I assume the issue must lie somewhere in that realm.

    Hope that helps!

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  • bambamfox
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    Audacity Tool is the probably the right choice on that. 

    You can create a sweep and do frequency analysis :) 


    Create Sweep (Create - ToneGenerator (2) -  (20 -- 16000), Amplitude 0,8 -- 0,8, 10 sec, logarithmic - et voila) :

    Analyse Frequency - as easy as that - even export as *.txt (-> Excel) or screenshot to compare :D 

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