All Ableton can do is crash

on the laundry list of things Ableton Live can't do, one is close.

Attempting to close the problem results in it not responding, leaving me to kill the process with the task manager. I'm constantly having to restart Ableton since it cant seem to change audio inputs effectively... the only way to get it to actually recognize the audio input is to close the program and then try again.

Sometimes the audio input will pick up the single I intend... however I have to click through all available options in the drop down menu to find the one I want because they are not accurately labeled, and Ableton thinks enabled audio input is a webcam mic and it's labeled as such in the preferences. 


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  • Great Bear
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    Don't assume Ableton Live is at fault. Live has no control over how cleanly device drivers and 3rd party plug-ins close up.Try using a different device driver for audio (only as a test) if Ableton then closes properly, then look to upgade the troublesome driver.


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  • dukeeastwood
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    Don't assume Ableton Live is at fault??????


    Ableton Live is THE program that can never close properly right after it can't identify a given input properly. 

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi Duke, 

    I'd like to remind you again to keep a constructive tone on Answers and point out, what the intention of this platform is. 

    Again, Answers is about users helping other users, mostly that would be usability questions and not crashes or hangs. But no matter the topic, having sensationally negative headlines for your question doesn't make it more likely for other users to reply, more the contrary. 

    In your case, I still believe it would be best to get in touch with our support staff, you can reach out here:

    Please don't forget to share your current license information with us, because right now you only have a version of Live Lite on your account, which you have never authorized though. 

    Just as a last friendly reminder, using illegitimate copies of Ableton Live comes with the risk of damaging the integrity and stability of the program itself, so naturally we recommend to refrain from that. 

    I will close this question now, as there isn't even a question in the first place. 



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