Akai Apc40 Mk2 mapping question! Please help a brother out!

So i have an APC40 mk 2 and am building a custom DJ set.

I built an fx rack, mapped it to a set of 8 macros, then put it on the first track and mapped the macros to the hardware. Specifically the group of 8 knobs on the right hand side of the controller.

All that works fine.

Then i did the same for track 2 and after i mapped all the macros in the track 2 fx rack to the controller, it now controls both tracks fx racks at the same time.

Is there a way to map it to only control one tracks fx at a time?

I was hoping to reassign the A/B buttons to select the first device on each track which would be the macros for the effect rack so that i could switch between them and adjust them separately for each track.

For example, can i take out the bass on track one, then select track two and take out the highs, then go back to track one and put on a beat repeat (with the bass still being turned down), then go back to track two and put on a reverb and then go back to track one, take off the beat repeat and turn the bass back up?

Sorry if that got confusing but i'd really love some help here.

Thankyou in advance



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    If you use macros & racks, there isn't really a need to map everything separately. By selecting the corresponding track (and device) using the apc, you can control whatever is selected at that moment. You can see which device is active by watching where the little "blue hand" symbol is. It is automatically mapped to the macro buttons when you select that track or device.


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