After mixing, saving, and exiting Live, why when I later reopen the file I see "Sample Offline" where my recorded ext. audio tracks once were?

I am new to audio/midi recording and to Ableton.  Nevertheless, I recorded six tracks for my latest project -- 2 audio from my guitar via Focusrite interface, and 4 using samples from the packs that I have.  I had no problem and exited Live.  But, the next time I opened the file my audio info had vanished -- all that showed up were boundary boxes taking up the space where my 2 audio (guitar)track info should have been.  Inside these boxes was a message saying Sample Offline.  I spent hours trying to retrieve the information, but to no avail.  Please tell me where I made my mistake.  Thanks folks, any input will surely be appreciated.  If you will, please email your Live wisdom to me at:


goldencarp 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • jasper
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    Yes, this has been a very upsetting problem for many Ableton Live users for many years.

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  • Pfreud
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    I have the same issue ... .. . live 9.2 just updated to 9.6

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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