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Sorry . . . need some assistance, please. I can't see anywhere in the reference material about how to actually add third-party samples that are NOT part of a live pack to Live 9. With Live 8 one could drop them straight into the samples folder, or create a new folder and drop them there. Doing the same in Live 9 seems to give a folder (with no samples in the folder). 

The only place I seem to be able to put a folder of new samples is in its own folder under PLACES. Which is not what I'd like to do ....

There must be a simple way of doing this, but it doesn't seem to be covered in any of the reference material.









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  • Ableton_Support Ableton staff
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    Hi there,

    In order to add your own sample libraries to Live, you first need to create a folder on your computer using Finder/Explorer (if a folder for them doesn't exist already).

    Then add that folder to Places.

    Then you can drag and drop the samples directly into the folder in Places or into the folder on Finder/Explorer.

    More information on Places here:

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  • snugsound
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    You want to drag & drop to: User Library -> Samples -> Imported. This will copy them into your Live library, at which point they will they will also show up under "Samples".

    Note that this creates a physical copy of anything you import, so unless you delete the originals you are effectively doubling the space usage of your sample library!

    Personally, I just add my third-party sample folders to "Places". I haven't found any real drawbacks to doing it this way.

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  • ElectricKid30
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    There should be a tutorial on using third party sounds in Ableton

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  • joesnothome
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    If I have a bunch of new samples to load at once, I drag and drop them all into a drum rack, then name and save the rack. That will save them into the samples folder and I have a drum rack to help me find them if I can't remember what something is called. 

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