Ableton Live Midi Clip Launch Lag

Hi everyone,

I've got an issue when launching my midi clips occasionally, it doesn't happen all the time and if I launch them in quick succession the lag does not occur. It seems to happen when I let a track play out, like the next track is taking too long to buffer before its launch. When this problem occurs, all the clips within the other track will not sync. The only solution I've found so far is to select the track that is currently playing and play it from the closest point I can to the play marker. Usually for example if the track was playing at bar 32 and I selected it to play at bar 33 the track would continue to play smoothly because of the global quantisation being set to 1 bar. But when the lag occurs, this is not the case and the track will not follow the quantisation, causing jumps in the audio playback. However, once I refresh the playback within the clip, the clips in the other track will successfully sync up again. Its pretty weird.

I've read a lot of stuff on the internet so far, and it feels I have tried everything but still the problem persists. I've tried changing the global quantisation, cropping the clips, setting every clip to 1.1 and warping them perfectly, booting the clips from the RAM, changing the sample rate, buffer size, driver error compensation; the lot. I'm starting to wonder whether I should upgrade my operating system now, but I don't think the computer needs it. I'm running a late 2013 Macbook Pro, Sierra, 2.4h GHz Core I5 processor with 8Gb Ram, SSD. The computer is definitely powerful enough to handle the project size, so i'm just wondering if I have missed something obvious, or if my Ableton has a bug. My version of Ableton is completely up to date. 

Any help is much appreciated and if you can find me a solution, i'll buy you a dinosaur. 

Thankyou very much,



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    Did you ever find a solution? I have this problem occasionally as well running windows 7, live 10.0.1.

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