Ableton for DJing tracing back problems or ideal setup

Hey Guys

I am currently running ableton 8.3.4 suite on my laptop :

Toshiba Satellite A305

It has decent specs and should run ableton alright..

Hardware is : Focusrite saffire usb 6

Midi control - akai MPD26

Have had numerous issues (mainly stalling at live gigs..)

My question is : Is there a way I can find what part of my system is making the crash happen so I can isolate and fix it myself?

IF not - is there an ideal setup that is known not to have any issues (ie like buying a mac book or something?)


Many thanks for your time, I have already contacted the support team just need this sorted soon as I have more events coming up!!!




Filth Majeure 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    First, I would try sending the crash log to Ableton, to see if they can help you with any problems. Some people at forums might be able to help on that too.

    Personally I'm not a big Mac fan, but I have to admit that buying a Macbook Pro for my live gigs was one of the best buys I've ever done. Never let me down so far. Still, a good laptop should work fine, especially newer ones.

    Stalling should not happen, in any way. Could it be that some settings cause problems? Audio quality too high, overloading cpu, dodgy VST's, anything like that?

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  • cygnal
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    Check that all USB devices have enough power, update your OS, make sure you have enough memory, make sure only essential programs are running besides Live, check system info for hardware/driver problems, hard-disk drive may be too slow for certain tasks, etc. Check your plug-ins. There always could be errors related to file access permissions.

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