Ableton 8 Windows 10.


Live 8 and Windows 10, has anyone got it working?
Mine hanged in the splash screen, specifically where it says "Initializing The Application...", then I re-installed it, and now it hangs in "Scanning Vsts"
Things I tried:
Disabling the touch screen.
All compatibility modes.
Running it as Administrator.
Disabling Audio and Mic.
Installing Asio4all.
Using Power Option High Performance.
   None got it working.
   Searched all Abletons Forums and other pages.
   Please don't ask me to update as I am unable to do so due to Regional Economic Block.
Anyone has anything else I can try?
8 Ram, Intel Core I5 7200U, 2.50Ghz, 64 Bit, Windows 10, Ableton 8.4.2 

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    I took out all the plugins and tried with some 32bit using jBridge, so some plugins work, some don't.

    I'm not a believer of randomness, any one can drop science on dis and help me out? (and probably a few hundred users with the same problem)

    Anyone having the same problem?

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