9.7 and disappearance of plug-ins

Upon upgrading to 9.7 my Autotune plug-in and all my Native Instruments plug-ins have disappeared from the Live browser, even though they are located in the same place on the drive that they've always been! All the rest of my plug-ins are still there. I've tried re-scanning plug-ins, resetting the Custom Plug-in folder, etc. to no avail.

Anyone having a similar experience? Or have any recommendations? This is very frustrating!

I should add, I tried re-installing Live 9.6 and the plug-ins were still not where they should be - unrecognized by Live.


LaotzeSunHammer 7 months ago | 0 comments

2 answers

  • Juan Ortiz
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    Man, I have exactly same problem. Native Plug-ins are just not there.

    SO frustrating...

    Is anybody going to give us answers???

    7 months ago | 0 comments
  • mcbpete
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    Have you accidentally updated to the 64-bit build when you previously had the 32-bit version (or vice versa?) - unfortunately there's o build in VST bridge so you have to make sure the version of Ableton is the same 'bit' as your plugins ....

    7 months ago | 0 comments

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